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Kids' Bike Guide

Start Them Off Right

Introduce your kids to the fun and freedom of cycling. With bikes available for all ages and stages, you can get your kids started off right. Cycling helps develop balance and instill healthy habits. It also gives children a sense of freedom and responsibility that builds confidence on and off the bicycle.

Not sure which bike to choose? Let us help! While it's true that you can purchase kids' bikes at many department and toy stores, your child will get more out of a professionally assembled and correct sized bike as they start out.  You may pay slightly more, however, you get a lot more, too!

Bikes For Kids Of All Sizes

Kids' bikes are typically labeled according to wheel size. Fitting a bike is more than determining age and height, though. You must evaluate coordination and cycling experience, too. If your child is very small, you might be able to pick out a bike for them.

Remember, that it's their bike and keep in mind that they're more likely to want to ride and to get excited about biking if they've got the two-wheeler they like best. Also, we will let you return an unused new bicycle if it turns out that your child had their heart set on a different type.

kid on a push bike

For Toddlers

Toddlers love to explore the world on foot, imagine how much fun they'll have on two wheels! Introduce kids to cycling with a balance bike. Also called running bikes, they're made especially to help little cyclists learn the motor skills and balance they need to get around on two wheels.

Shop 12-inch Bikes

kid on a 12 inch bike

For Kindergartners

Share the power of pedaling with your child when you get them their first "real" bicycle. These beginners' bikes get kids started with the basics of cycling by introducing brakes, coasting, and handling. Make sure to grab a helmet and pads to ease the transition to riding without training wheels.

girl on a 24 inch wheel bike

For Grade-Schoolers

At this stage, a variety of more purpose-built bikes become available in just the right size. Mountain bikes are built tough to handle rough terrain, road bikes are quick and maneuverable, and BMX bikes will handle all the curb-hopping and sweet jumps your kid can hope for. Whatever their need, there's a bike for that.

college student commuting by bike

For Teens

Give your teen the gift of freedom with a new bicycle; the more they explore, the more they'll grow. Commuter bikes are built to handle the demands of riding around urban areas. Road bikes are built to fly. And mountain bikes are built to conquer local trails.