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What Our Customers Are Saying

May 2021 - A Raleigh customer wrote:

I recently purchased a Kuat Sherpa 2.0 bike rack at your Raleigh location.  I wanted to let you both know how impressed I was throughout the entire process.  Bill Hopkins started things off for me, educating me on the styles and options available.  A Kuat Sherpa had not yet been assembled and on the showroom floor so he pulled up the rack on his computer for my visual and mentioned it would be assembled later that day.  When I returned the next day the rack was assembled but Bill was not in the store.  Jonah picked up right where Bill left off, knowledgably and professionally addressing a few more questions on my behalf.  I purchased the rack at that time but no time to install.  Back in the store for a 3rd time and Jonah tied up with another customer it was now Vinny’s turn to shine and he did not disappoint !

It was a pleasure working with your Raleigh team !

January 2021 - An Apex customer wrote:

The staff at the Bicycle Chain are top-notch. I haven't been on a bike in 20 years (I got old and fat), but I decided to change that this year. I ordered a bike online and my tires lost air after one day. I took the bike in, fully expecting to replace inner tubes, but the staff took a look and realized I hadn't tightened the locknut on the valve. (I had never dealt with Presta valves before.) They took the time to educate me and then went ahead and adjusted the handle bar bracket too! They didn't make me feel stupid and were very encouraging about me getting back on a bike. That's how you earn a customer for life!

December 2020 - A Durham customer wrote:

This is an absolutely exceptional bike store I ride both gravel, road, and Enduro and we trust no one else for my bikes and the staff is very helpful and patient with address all needs the customer has. Nate and the other bicycle mechanics here are the best most seasoned and skilled mechanics in the triangle. A+++++ Five Stars I will be a loyal customer for life.

November 2020 - A Chapel Hill customer wrote:

Went to 2 other bikes shops that did not have the parts we needed to repair my sons bike. This place not only had what we needed but made the repairs super fast at a great price! Jacob is the man!! Thank you for hooking up the Redline, you’re a pro and a gentleman!

September 2020 - A Raleigh customer wrote:

Wonderful buying experience today! Went in mainly to get information, but ready to buy if I found what I needed for our bikes. Bill (?) was very helpful, walking me through all of the options for bike racks and explaining what the difference features offered. He even looked up a compatibility chart on the manufacturer's websites to determine if there was a rack that would fit both of our cars. While I spent most of this process with just the one guy, everyone there was very helpful and made sure I felt comfortable with what I was getting into. Thanks!

June 2020 - A Raleigh customer wrote:

Very nice N Raleigh store and repair shop. Inventory is thin due to the virus effect ( bikes are so popular ) but They do have some representative bikes to see and touch AND Ken worked with me over several weeks to locate and secure my targeted “ wish list “ bicycle from sporadic arriving bikes. Also, Christian was very professional when he evaluated my older used bike and gave me a repair estimate. If you buy a new bike here they offer yearly tune-ups all included in the original price . . . This is extremely attractive and a great security blanket. Prices seem fair, perhaps a bit High vs a big box Discount store, but the quality and service and Lifetime VALUE are excellent.

April 2020 - A Durham customer wrote:

The folks at The Bicycle Chain in Durham handled our endless questions with patience and professionalism. They went above and beyond to help us get the bike we wanted and needed, even working after closing time. I really couldn't imagine a better bike shopping experience! Special thanks to Desiree for going above and beyond and patiently guiding us to such an incredible bike! Thank you!!

March 2020 - An Apex customer wrote:

One of best!!! We bought TWO bicycles from them, and stopped by few times for tuneup and their service and expertise is ONE of the BEST!!! Thank you for doing a great job and keep up the great work.

February 2020 - An Apex customer wrote:

Fantastic customer service. They took the time to make sure I bought the right bike, not just the bike they had in stock. The owners were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Best buying experience!

December 2019 - An Apex Customer wrote:

Knowledgeable, fast, and excellent customer service. Steve (manager) was very nice and helpful getting to the root of a drive-train issue, which turned out to not be simply derailleur alignment, and took a second look at no charge to fully resolve it.

October 2019 - A Raleigh customer wrote:

The staff at The Bicycle Chain recently helped me find and purchase a new bike after my previous one was damaged beyond repair in a crash. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I got good information and personal attention while I looked at a number of different bikes, and when I decided on a model that was not in stock, they were quick in getting the bike and in getting it ready for me.

January 2019 - A Durham customer wrote:

The store in Durham, their people, products, and maintenance are all outstanding. This is our go-to store for all our biking needs. We just visited today to have a handlebar mirror installed and to adjust the cables for the disc brakes. The tech was very knowledgeable and prompt in adjusting it. And when my son purchased and end-of-the-handlebar rearview mirror, the tech went out of his way to be sure it was set properly for my son's viewing. It is a great feeling to know they are there and can handle our biking needs. Right now, I'm deciding between a battery-assisted bicycle or a standard cruising bike. Not sure yet which to chose, but I am sure where I will go to purchase it.

March 2018 - A Raleigh customer wrote: 

I wanted to tell you about the excellent service I had.  We MTB at least 1x week and my youngest outgrew his 20in Hotrock.  First I was in the store (Glenwood) a week ago and the salesman was very low pressure.  So last Saturday we came in to buy a Specialized Hotrock 24in kids bike.  After test riding the bike we were sold!  

However Chris recommended we try an adult XS for my 9 yr old ( he is tall ).  He didn’t want it, until……. he rode on the test loop and up the roots!  Sold.

Was it more expensive? Yes.  Is it the right bike that will last him longer until he outgrows it? Absolutely.

Chris and all the guys there did an excellent job. 

WE support the LBS.



Feb. 2018 - From a Raleigh customer:

I stopped in to see Chris Hull today, and walked out with a fabulous new Specialized bike. Exactly what I wanted, but only after working with Chris to identify the best way to get me what I actually needed.  I’ve been doing my bike business here for 4 years, and have always walked out an extremely satisfied customer.  Extremely knowledgeable staff works hard to get you into something right for you.  For my money, this is the only place in Raleigh to go for anything bike-related.


Sep. 2017 - An Apex customer wrote:

I just had an extraordinary experience with John at Bicycle Chain in Apex. He squeezed in a repair and got me back and riding while my 2 yr old played at your train table. He went above and beyond to do a quick tweak on something else he found while doing my repair. He is an excellent employee and I wish all customer service experiences could be that pleasurable! Keep up the great work!

May 2017 - From a Raleigh customer:
I recently bought a Santa Cruz 5010 c from your shop.  I'll have to say I love the bike and the attention to service and satisfaction I experienced at The Bicycle Chain !   I live in Wilmington NC and drove to Raleigh to purchase this bike.  Chris offered to have the bike I wanted brought from another store for my convenience.  After a quick test ride, I left with my new bike with it set up perfectly for me and some new grips and pedals.  They aim to please.  Looks like I've found another awesome bike shop and will be recommending The Bicycle Chain to friends and family.

Thanks Chris

Feb. 2017 - From a Durham customer:

I just want to take a moment to give thanks to the Saturday staff in Durham for top notch sales experience in purchasing my new Synapse.  I've had a couple other Cannondale bikes in my time, and wanted to trade up to a new ride. The store staff couldn't have been better.  I have received mixed advice on what size bike would be optimal, and your staff really made sure I questioned my own thinking before riding off on a bike with a bad fit. They really pushed me not to buy a bad fit bike.  So far, I've had three good rides, and the fit seems right.  On top of that, the pricing, and dealing was all fair and above board.
Thanks again, and cheers to your continued success.

Oct. 2016 - A Raleigh customer wrote:

Gentlemen, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for your assistance Sunday, 30 October 2016. Your knowledge and the experience of the staff is awesome. I did the maiden voyage on my new (to me) bike today and it is wonderful. I still need to make some adjustments to get it dialed in but , WOW!, what a bike. Thank you very much for your time, for setting the bike up so I could do a test ride, and for your recommendations on additional equipment. I look forward to seeing you on my next visit to Raleigh.

Thank you, Scott

Nov. 2015 - Raleigh service customer:

Just want to say thanks for a wonderful job on my bike repair.  Drew did the work and sold me on including the special (package 3).  I just went for a ride and it looks and feels like a new bike.  Thank You!


Oct. 2015 - A Chapel Hill customer:

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I started taking my bikes in to the CH shop for service this spring and then this month, my girlfriend and I decided to purchase Specialized CX bikes.
The service experience has been fantastic.  Also, we had a lot of questions in regards to the new CX bikes prior to purchase and your crew there was great. In particular, Jackson, Mikey, and Daniel have been a real pleasure to work with.
Thanks for having such a customer-focused staff.  All too often, I find this isn't the case with a lot of different businesses I interact with.

July 2015 - From a Durham customer:

I wanted to let you know that you have a gem of an employee in the Durham store. His name is Patrick Reinhardt. I was just about to give up buying a kayak as I was unable to find anywhere or anyone that would assist me with a roof rack for my Kia Soul. I checked with REI and was told they did not have a Yakima or Thule rack that would fit my car. I tried calling a Leonard dealer and was repeatedly told I would be called back and that they had to look into it. This went on for weeks. I then looked at the Yakima website and saw a system that would fit my car and checked the dealerships and saw The Bicycle Chain. When I called and Patrick answered I knew my prayers had been answered. I finally found someone willing to help me and I wasn't even buying a bicycle! He ordered all the parts for me over the phone and told me I needed to come in to pay. When the parts all came in Patrick called me and set up a time to have the racks installed. 

I will never forget Patrick's caring and helpful ways. I would not have been able to fulfill my dream of owning my own kayak if it wasn't for Patrick.


June 2015 - From a Raleigh customer:

Recently, I had my bike fixed by Amazon on line, and they replaced rotten tires on the bike.  However, they failed to inform me that I would need a very special adapter in order to put air in the new tires. After numerous failures of trying to do this myself. I called your Raleigh store on Glenwood avenue.  I spoke to Kip. He was very accommodating and understanding of the situation, and although all the repairs on the bike had been made already, Kip invited me down to the shop to see if he could help me get the tires inflated once again.  

Personally, I really felt bad, as I knew there really wasn’t a sales opportunity in it for Kip.  I went down anyway….and you know what, I found a new place to shop for all my cycling needs close to home. So I no longer need to search the internet, I can ride down the street to the shop and get whatever I need.  I can’t express in mere words, just how much I appreciated Kip’s help !!

He actually took the time to show me how to put air in my tires. So again, I just wanted to make upper management aware of Kip and his excellent customer service!! I look forward to shopping there again. I’ve already told many of my friends and co-workers of your store.

Best regards


Aug. 2014 - From a Raleigh customer:

I bought a 2014 Stumpjumper FSR from your Glenwood store last week. This was after 2 visits to your Apex store, followed by 2 visits to your Glenwood store.  On each visit, as I narrowed down what I wanted, the staff was helpful and knowledgeable, but not at all pushy. I was treated more as a friend than as a customer.  I visited other bike shops as well, but The Bicycle Chain was the only store where your staff practically insisted I take multiple bikes out for a ride to try them out, without any pressure.

I really appreciate the great service I got – thanks guys!


Feb. 2013 - From an Apex service customer:

I’ve been meaning to send this for months…finally doing it!  I have a Niner MCR that I bought in ’09.  Great bike!  I’ve watched lots of YouTube videos with bicycle maintenance instruction, and was convinced, with the right tools, I could handle most tasks.   So I started tinkering…long story short, I realized I needed professional intervention after doing some derailleur ‘tuning’ that resulted in some pretty crunchy shifting .  I brought my bike in last year, and Billy worked some kind of magic, because every time I ride now, I’m amazed at how smooth and flawless shifting and braking are! 

Consider me an extremely satisfied customer!


Nov. 2012 - From a Raleigh service customer:

Of all the bike shops that I've dealt with throughout my life (which is a lot) this is the best one that I've worked with.  They are always eager to assist you and if there's an issue with the bike, they'll take care of it.  I've worked with them numerous times since I've been living here, and I always recommend them to other people.  Today, while installing a new rear derailleur, I ran into some trouble and when I brought the bike in the technician troubleshot and fixed all of my issues with a smile.

Again, Thank you for being so helpful :-)


September 2012 - From a fit customer at our Apex store:


WOW, you and John hit it out of the park with the saddle and handlebar.  Did 3 hours today and no noticeable compression of the perineum, no unnatural reaching with hands dropped comfortably onto hoods, aero position was comfortable, minimal ulnar nerve compression, and, surprisingly, foot paresthesias "hot" spots didn't develop.  I immediately felt my weight supported by the ischial tuberosities and only mildly support by the buttocks.  Overall, extremely comfortable. 

You did a great job with your recommendations and quick turn-around.  Please pass along my thanks to John. 

Thank you - T

February 2012 - From a Carrboro customer:

You flat out you sold me this bike because of Tamara. Outstanding individual that obviously loves/enjoys what she does. Fit the bike to me far better than from four other stores.... Great experience. DB

September, 2011 - From an Apex service customer:


 I was in your shop Monday this week for some service on my Ti Serotta which I had upgraded to Campagnolo Super Record.  Due to time constraints and business requirements (and lack of an 11 speed chain tool) I was in need of assistance to get up and running. I must say I have never had a better experience with a bike shop; staff were friendly and “very high speed technically” and dialed my new gruppo in very quickly. As an engineer I truly appreciate the skills of a good mechanic ( I was one for years) and the fellow that worked on my bike was seasoned d extremely competent; my ride that day was a pleasure. I live in the Charlotte area so I have no tribal knowledge of local cycling routes  in Apex or Cary but staff provided maps and suggestions for the uninitiated to enjoy the area. In the corporate world I frequently remind staff that we’re only as good as our people; your folks raise the bar. I am available should you need anything further from me.

Thank you,  R W

July, 2010 - A rental customer in Raleigh writes:

Bicycle chain staff,
My name is M. E. and I am relatively new to the triathlon world. I presently ride an older model Cannondale, but still shopping for a better bike. I visited your store on Tuesday and spoke to Maria about renting a bike from your store for an upcoming race. She was very helpful in showing me the features of the rental bike and  had great insight on training for triathlons. I feel that her experience as a triathlete is a helpful attribute to the store as most employees at area stores that I have visited are strictly cyclists and have little experience in regards to triathlons. I really enjoyed my experience in your store, and will certainly visit your stores for all of my cycling needs.

April, 2010 - From one of our Apex customers:

I wanted to write you about the awesome experience I have had in working with your staff!  In October of 09 I went to your Apex store to investigate purchasing a new road bike. I was new to cycling and had been riding a hybrid and killing myself on road rides to keep up.  I was introduced to Chris (who now manages the Raleigh store).   From the first meeting, Chris put me at ease and worked to educate me without being arrogant or impatient regarding my minimal knowledge (a nice departure from what I had experienced at other local bike shops.)  We landed on the Specialized Roubaix as the best bike for me based on what I wanted to accomplish in my riding. Chris worked to order the bike and while we waited on its arrival, ensured I had all the other necessary equipment in place to support me.  Unfortunately, before the bike arrived, Chris moved to the Raleigh store. However, the new manager Lee stepped right in and ensured I was fitted correctly and again made sure I was equipped to hit the road. It was a great experience and both of these people represented your business very well!  In addition, the mechanic Steve, offered classes in the winter that proved to be very helpful and informative...especially for folks new to cycling.  I would recommend these classes to all your customers! Since purchasing my bike and other accessories, I have gone back for additional items, like a new hitch hauler and each time the care and professionalism I was greeted with, reflects great credit upon your stores and the folks you have hired to represent you.    I am a customer for life!

 Thanks!   D.,  Cary, NC


December, 2009 - From a customer at our Raleigh store:

I know that it's sometimes hard to come across compliments, so I wanted to pass mine along.  My fiancé and I came to the Bicycle Chain in Raleigh yesterday to browse the mountain bikes and consider buying them.  From the moment we walked in, we were greeted warmly and approached to see if we needed any help.  

I walked in knowing NOTHING about bikes and the guy who helped us out walked us through the whole process of buying a new bike.  We felt like he gave us very honest answers and we didn't have to worry about him trying to take advantage of our small amount of knowledge. 

Once we chose the bikes that we liked, we were walked through the rest of the process thoroughly as well--what other gear is needed and the 5X warranty.  We chose to get the 5X for both of our bikes.

I couldn't have imagined a better experience to buy our first bikes.  We will definitely be lifetime Bicycle Chain customers and tell everyone we know.  Thank you so much for all of the help!  It's great to be able to encounter great customer service still!!


M C and T K


December, 2009 - From an Apex Customer: 

I just wanted to take a minute to compliment the staff I have interacted with at the Apex location. They have ALL been enthusiastic about greeting me when I enter the store, Steve has been exceptional in his attention to my bike ('07 Stumpjumper Pro), and listening to my input.  I have only been into mountain biking for a year, and have previously taken the Craigslist approach because I was not sure that this hobby was for me. 18months+ later, and I have no doubt that the next bike I purchase, be it a newer Stumpy, or possibly an Allez, will be purchased not just from a Bicycle Chain location, but specifically the Apex store. Until that time, I can guarantee that all peripherals, parts, and service will be sourced from this location. I thoroughly enjoy going in, and appreciate the input, advice, opinions that I have received from the staff. Successful companies will state every time that their people are their most important assets, I can say for sure that is the case here. 

Thanks for providing such a positive retail experience.