CycleOps 400 Pro Indoor Cycle

CycleOps 400 Pro Indoor Cycle
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Never miss a workout with CycleOps' 400 Pro Indoor Cycle. Four points of adjustment easily duplicate the fit of your outdoor bike for maximum ergonomics, comfort and efficiency, seamlessly transferring your hard work to the outdoors. The super-stable 100%-steel construction and leveling feet allow you to sprint and climb with wild abandon, and a freewheeling hub lets you coast and recover. Also, the 400 includes a Joule 3.0 computer that lets you see power, speed, cadence and heart rate as you ride, downloads to your computer in seconds for greater feedback, and can be transferred to your outdoor bike so you never need another computer. Maximizing your fitness has never been easier!

Joule 3.0 with the 400 Pro displays:

  • Controlled Resistance
    • target power
    • target slope
    • gearing
  • Power
    • current watts
    • average watts
    • maximum watts
    • watts/Kg
    • average watts without zeroes
    • kilojoules
  • Training zones
    • current power zone
    • current heart rate zone
    • current RPE zone
  • Peak power
    • 5 second peak power,
    • 5 minute peak power
    • 20 minute peak power
  • Training scores
    • Total Training Score (TSS)
    • NP
    • Internsity Factore (IF)
  • Cadence
    • current revolutions per minute (rpm)
    • average rpm
    • maximum rpm
  • Heart rate
    • current beats per minute (bpm)
    • average bpm
    • maximum bpm
  • Heart rate percentage of maximum or threshold
    • current percentage
    • average percentage
    • maximum percentage
  • Speed
    • current miles per hour (mph) or current kilometers per hour (kph)
    • average mph or average kph
    • maximum mph or maximum kph
  • Ride
    • ride time
    • total miles or kilometers
    • clock
The Sport 100's seating position is fully adjustable for a perfect fit.


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