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What most people really need is a bike that can carry cargo, not a cargo bike that’s only good for one purpose. So we designed Benno bikes that can be configured to carry everything from kids to camping gear, without compromising ride and looks. As life changes, so does your Benno.


A typical ebike offers a nice ride, but not much utility. A cargo ebike carries heavy loads, but can be difficult to maneuver. We believe what people really need is an everyday ebike engineered with the perfect blend of ride dynamics, cargo capacity and good looks. Awesome agility with the ability to carry Discover Benno Bikes exactly  what you need. We call it Etility® Design and it’s at the heart of every Benno ebike.



A great ride is the most essential ingredient. Because a bike that’s more agile, stable and maneuverable is ultimately more enjoyable.


Design that looks good is also about making sure you look and feel great riding a Benno with and without cargo.


Etility design means you can easily carry more cargo when you want to without having to pedal and store more bike than you need to.